Tips for Using an IDEC Distributor for Replacement Parts

27 July 2019
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If you own an industrial complex, you may have several areas that use relay switches of some kind. When these switches fail, you can loose entire areas of electronics in your business. These can range from lighting sources to full manufacturing areas. In order to avoid this, you may want to have some replacement parts on hand. This means using a certified distributor. Here are some tips for using an IDEC distributor for replacement parts related to your business's relay switches.

Correct Year 

You likely already know that you need the make and model of a part in order to get the proper replacement. What you may not consider is the year the part was manufactured. When you order parts for relay switches, and other electronics, the make and model numbers may be the same throughout the years of manufacturing. However, slight changes may be made to the switch during certain years. By knowing the year of manufacturing, located on the tag near the make and model, you can help ensure you are getting the correct replacement part.

Upgrade Options

There will be some cases when you want the replacement part, but the part is no longer made. In these cases, upgrade options are usually available. The problem is that some business owners do not want the cost of upgrading, but would rather find another source for the part. A tip for this type of situation is to be open to the upgrade options available. You may find that the upgrade will increase your work efficiency and may not be as costly to install as you think. In fact, some upgrades can be used with current electrical systems. 

Bulk Ordering

If you know that you will need multiple parts, especially if they are the same, consider ordering in bulk. Most IDEC distributors will allow you to place bulk orders for the same part. In fact, some may offer special programs that allow you to have discounts or faster shipping on the bulk orders. By ordering in bulk from the distributor, you can ensure you have multiple parts on hand regardless of the relay switch issues and when they occur. It also gives you multiple replacement parts if you have multiple switch issues. 

Keep in mind, relay switches are not the only item that most IDEC distributors carry. There are other items available as well. These items range from light sources and towers to touchscreen panels for other areas in the business. Consult a distribution representative to discuss availability, options and suggestions for other items they may have that fit your businesses needs.